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What three advices would you give to the new generation?

I believe in Karma, so everybody must give its best to this life and leave rest to the Almighty.

    What top three skills needed to be successful?

Perseverance, hard work and luck.

  How long do you stick with an idea?

Until I think it is impossible.

   How many hours do you work a day on average?

four hours.

 What motivates you?

My competitors, motivates me  to work hard.

How do you define success?

Word “Success” itself is Utopia never seen, never achieved.

   Greatest fear?

My greatest fear is “a day without learning anything”, I try to learn something new every day.

Do you believe there is some sort of formula to be successful?

No, there is no shortcut to heaven.

Who has been your greatest inspiration?

God, is my inspiration, He is never tired of creating a new day for each of us, so why should we give up before exploring new opportunity.

 What book has inspired you the most?

“The Story of my Experiment with truth”  by M.K Gandhi. To recognize owns fault and accept own failure is the most difficult thing in life and once conquered it the history that vouch for you. 

 What have been your most satisfying moments in your life?

When I give my best to each day I get.

  What are your hobbies?

 Painting, embroidery, pottery, writing articles and stories, reading, cooking, gardening, dancing etc.

    What makes you happy?

The moment is the happiest one when my daughters hug me.

Family background?

I have a sweet small family with two daughters and a loving husband. Husband is an IAS officer. My father is a retired railway officer; my mother runs her own concept boutique and my brother is a promising Fashion Designer.

 What do you think about tribal society?

“Tribal” is a derogatory word, a request please don’t use it because it hurts the sentiments of particular group. Yes, the indigenous groups are people with huge potential.

   How far do you think they are progressed enough to start a business of their own?

The indigenous groups have progressed a lot, they have stepped into business and some of them are even doing well. 

 Tribes are lacking entrepreneurship skills? How far do you agree? if yes, what else do they need to develop these skills?

Indigenous people leads “Mexican” life style, very contented and happy going. They never lacked in entrepreneurship skill, they have to relook in themselves. They have to inculcate the thirst in them, competition with the main stream society.


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