Interview with Dagar Tudu

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You are such a wonderful singer.. what made you enter the acting forum?

Acting had been my hidden interest. So when in 2016 I got that golden opportunity, I said “YES!!!”

So, from where did the first offer for acting came from?

My very first acting album was with Surendra da and Shilu di (please check the names) in “Naalom Bagiyanja”. With time public started knowing me through “Bahamali”.

Are you completely into albums or have worked in movies too?

 Yes, I have worked in two short films- “Upmo” (Please verify the name) and “Ing baba do sorkar” and two feature films – “Buru kocha kuri” and “Inyan aatu disham”. Presently we are working on couple of upcoming movies.

Are you planning to make your career in acting line in near future also?

Yes, as I love acting and want to flourish more into my passion for acting, and have planned to thrive in this industry itself.

What kind of movie you prefer to do most?

I have no such “stick to this character” type of preference. If I find the movie script to be good then I am ready to act in any kind of movie..let it be romantic or action or emotional..I am in!!!

You have earned fame at such an early age…!!! How does it feel?

I feel like out of the world and fascinated when I get to hear all those good and positive reviews from the public. Today whatever I am- that is solely for the public. My fame is incomplete without them. So, I thank each and all for giving me this respect and love. 

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