Interview Round with Romeo Baskey:

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Hello Sir! We would like to know, whether you have a YouTube channel or own a production house?

Thank You for the question. Actually I have my own YouTube channel and works in collaboration with some production houses.

What inspired you the most to start your own YouTube Channel?

At the beginning I didn’t gave a serious thought. It was just a casual approach like others. Then I thought YouTube can be a nice platform to showcase my talent and reach the viewers. So one day I uploaded my dance video and to my surprise started earning increased viewers and likes. Likewise in my 2nd and 3rd videos there was massive response which went to 4.2 and 7.2 million viewers. All these inspired and motivated me and here I am today, a YouTuber.

Now many viewers have started liking you as an actor. Is there any plan to join the film industry or continue your career through YouTube Channel?

There is no doubt that if given a chance in the film industry, I will not deny beside running my YouTube channel. But for the time being we are solely focusing on the dance reality shows.

Did you ever come across any negative comments from our tribal community about your dance videos?

No! As such I didn’t face any negative comments. But yes! I received many positive suggestions like “You should work on tribal versions too”.  But I am waiting for the right offer to come. I would love to work on our tribal songs.

So what inspired you the most to become a dancer?

I get inspired a lot from Dharmesh (Surname) and Raghav (Surname) from Dance India Dance reality show. Their struggle story for almost 19 years of becoming a successful dancer influenced me a lot to be in this profession. And talking about dance moves, I usually follow a lot of western dancers like Scot (please check the name).

You are such a handsome personality with mind blowing dance moves. You must be having huge female followers with constant proposals? (Lalita giggles)

(With blushing smile) Thanks a lot for the compliment. I used to be very active in facebook before but nowadays due to my packed schedule I am not so active among my followers.

What is your future plans?

Like I said before, we are at present preparing ourselves for the Season 5 auditions (name of the show) to be held next year. 

If given a chance in Bollywood, what kind of character would you like to play?

If given a chance, I would prefer playing diversified roles, not only sticking to the character of hero only.

As a dancer, what was the best moment in your like till date?

Yes, there was this goose bumps moment when we qualified for the studio round in Mumbai.

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