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Hello! Manjari Singu Sinku ma’am. We are curious to know what made you decide to enter this acting industry.

Thank you for the question. Actually this interest didn’t come all of a sudden. From my childhood days only I dreamt of becoming an actor which went on increasing with time. I gave auditions in Odia and Ho channels and later on I got selected. Within a year I went through several orientations for which I am what you see me today.

You have earned a lot of name and fame within a short span of time. You can easily bond chemistry with your co-actors. What makes you so comfortable with them?

Whatever work I am being allocated, whoever the artist is, I always do my work with utmost dedication and seriousness. That may be the reason behind my fine chemistry with my co-actors leading to the comfort zone.

Due to your popularity and fan following is there any incident that made you feel embarrass? Like people stalking your pictures and saving them in their personal devices.

Yes, indeed there were several incidents like that, but all of them are in a positive way. It is true people stalk my profile and pictures but I take that in a positive way. I believe that, if they are saving my pictures then I have gain to establish myself in some way and I take that as an achievement.

What are you future goals?

Apart from acting I am also looking for a sound part time job.

You have gained so much popularity in this field. Why you want to take job?

Look, job is a kind of settlement to me. Acting is my interest and obviously besides doing job I will stick to this acting line side by side. 

You are a qualified person.. like we know that you have done masters in ????(just ask the subject) So what are your views regarding the decision of entering film industry?

Education is mandatory. Whatever you are doing, let it be acting, one should first become educated. One can pursue acting even after being academically qualified. Acting is my passion and to me education is must.

Within this one year of your acting career did you receive any proposal?

As such kind of love proposal- nobody have that guts to offer me. But have received many marriage proposals.

What is your reaction towards the proposals?

Obviously I want to get married if I find my desired partner. But for the time being I haven’t given a thought for getting married. I want to settle myself first.

Your name has been involved with many male co-actors. How you manage to tackle the rumors around you?

I do my work sincerely with full dedication. When it comes to tackling rumors, I just ignore them.

Any message to the readers of the Baha Magazine?

I would like to convey that we have lots of talents in our tribal community. W are no way less than others. Baha Magazine is doing that job to explore and flourish the hidden talents amongst us. My best wishes are there and keep doing the great work.


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