Love or Marraiage

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Once a young man asked his grandfather, "Why is it that a person loves someone else, but marriage is to someone else?"
Dada said, "Son, before I answer your question, I give you a job. Go to the wheat field and pick the best bullfolder and bring it for me. But the condition is that you will have to do that by looking at the selection of that bull's ear. Once you have left it and moved forward, then you can not go back and choose that earring.
The youth went to the field of wheat. There he began to scrub the wheat earrings. After seeing many earrings, he found a very good bullion earring. She had to break it, but only then she thought in her mind that maybe she could get better earrings as she went ahead. So he went ahead without moving it Going a little further, he saw another good wheat ear. But again he got the same idea in his mind that maybe he could get better earrings than he could, and he moved forward again.
Even after traveling through the whole farm, he did not break even a single bull. Upon reaching the end of the farm, she realized that the earrings that she had seen before, she was better. But according to the condition now he could not go back. So the empty hand came back to his grandfather.
When he asked, he heard the whole story.
Dadaji said, "Son, you have done some mistake in the field of wheat, just before that, those mistakes are made in love, in real life. They lose that person in search of better, who could be his best partner. "
"So does it mean that nobody should fall in love?" The young man asked.
Grandpa replied, "No, it is not so." Anyone can fall in love, if a worthy person is found. But whenever you love someone with a true heart, do not leave it because of anger, arrogance and comparisons with others. "
"But why that grandfather does this happen leaves the person he loves and marries another."
After listening to this question, Grandpa said, "Before giving this reply, I will give you a task again. Now you go to a corn farm and pick the largest maize and bring it for me. But the condition here is the same as before. You have to do it once you see the choice of maize. Once you have left it and went ahead, then you cannot go back and choose that maize. "
The young man went to maize farm. But this time he was careful. He did not repeat that first mistake and came back in the middle of the farm and broke a maize after coming in a middle. When he came back, he told his grandfather how he chose the maize.
Grandfather said, "Because of your old experience you did not return empty-handed this time. You just found a fine corn and believed that this is the best. In real life, people also learn from their old experience and choose for their marriage. "
The young man got in the dilemma after listening to the grandfather. In the dilemma, Grandpa asked, "What are you bothering now?"
 "After listening to your grandfather, I am thinking that what is better than loving, marrying him or marrying him, loving him?"
"Son, this depends on you ...." Grandpa replied.
Friends, whether we are happy with what we choose in life, it depends entirely on us. That's why we have to be careful about the selection. Otherwise, we would be repenting in our lifetime, thinking that I wish I would have chosen something more? But it is also true that as long as we remain true and honest in ourselves, we cannot be wrong in any selection.


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