Salted Coffee Love Story

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There are many more boys in the party, who is a lover behind that girl. He starts comparing himself with others and he feels that he is very ordinary compared to others. There is not even a single girl in the party who wants to talk to him or leave no girl wants to friendship with him. Why would such a girl make him friend? Thinking about this, he cannot even raise the courage to talk to that girl over the whole party.
The party is over and the girl is going back. The boy is still thinking about her - She is going .... I have to talk courageously, otherwise if something will be start that’s also end"
He runs and goes to the girl and asks her to drink coffee with him. At first, the girl falls in astonishment. But then it turns out.
After a while, both are sitting in a coffee shop. The boy has called that girl with him, but he is so nervous that there is no such thing in the panic. Whenever he saw that girl he stare to her shoulder tattoo, The girl is uncomfortable even seeing her calm. She is also waiting for coffee from Khomoshi and is thinking in her mind, "Where have I been caught? Wish it all to end quickly ... and I can go to my house. 
The waiter comes in a while and serves them coffee. By serving coffee while he is going back, the boy suddenly says to him, "Please, bring me some salt. I have to put in enough. "
The girl gets shocked after hearing this and asks him, "Will you drink salt and drink in the coffee? why indeed?"
The boy responds, "When I was young, I used to live on the banks of the sea. I loved playing there very much Even today I remember the salty taste of sea water. So whenever I drink these salty coffee, I think about my childhood, I think about my city ... I think about my parents, who still live there. " The eyes of the boy come in tears.
Listening to the boy's response goes to the girl's heart. Seeing that boy talking about his family, he also starts talking about his home, family, childhood. In this way the wall of Khomoshi is broken between the two, and the cycle of things goes on. That evening, a beautiful friendship starts between the two. Then suddenly boy asked her about her tattoo, She said’ Oh, This is preety naa.. When she display her shoulder. He get shy.
The two continue to meet each other. Gradually that girl realizes that she wants a life partner like her that boy is exactly the same ...... kinder, tolerant and everyone is cared for. If he does not drink coffee by adding salt in that evening, he probably would not have known enough about him.
It is as it happens in a beautiful love story. Both are married and happily their life passes. Whenever the girl makes a coffee, she places salt in the place of sugar because she knows that her husband likes salty coffee.
After 40 years of long journey, he breaks beautifully one day. The boy dies after a prolonged illness. That girl is remembering the old things that evening that is why she gets a letter written by the boy in her. She reads the letter:
My dear wife,
Please forgive me. For the lie that I have ever spoken to you. You remember. our first date. I know, that evening I was so nervous that in the panic I wanted salt instead of sugar from the waiter. How should I say that after that I felt embarrassed, what could I do? To avoid embarrassment I defended a false story. But to be honest, at that time, I did not know that my only lie would break the silence wall between us and bring us closer to each other so close.
After that I tried several times to tell you the truth. But the courage was not to be.. Afraid that somewhere you do not understand me lying and after that you do not leave me to trust me . And that time I loved very much your tattoo I loved your expression when you were happy to say, Yeah I love that.
But now that I am dying, there is no reason to be afraid. So you want to tell the truth. And the truth is that I do not like salted coffee at all. Rather I hate it very much. In truth, how tasty it is and how tasteless it is. But when you make it so lovingly for me, I drink it even if you do not want it. In the same way I drink my entire life this tasteless salty coffee.
Please forgive me, Darling, Please forgive me on the first date, and after that whenever you made that salty coffee for me, then to tell you the truth. In truth, I am not saying a lie that I could never drink that coffee except by those circumstances.
                                                                            Your madly lover
Your husband
After reading the letter, the eyes of the girl got exhausted. After that day she started drinking salty coffee too. When someone sees her drinking salty coffee, whenever someone asks her what it tastes, the answer would be, "very sweet."


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