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Almond is something that has many advantages. It is good for our health, hair, and skin in every way. It is considered to be good in winter because it is hot. Friends, you can also take an almond test in summer, which will not harm you, because it will be in the form of a cold drink. Today we are telling you the recipe to make Badam shake.

Things needed to make Badam shake
Sprinkled almonds – 120 gms,

Crushed and crushed in water -8 cardamom

Almond extract – 1 tsp

Sugar-3 cups

Water-2 cup

Kewar Extracts -1 T Spoon

Potassium meta bay sulfate -1 / 8 Tsp

How to make Badam shake

Add a little water and make a paste of spilled almonds Filter it with a muslin cloth and grind the remaining almonds. After mixing two cups of liquid, add sugar to it Cook it on a low flame until it gets hard After making it, add cardamom and bitter extract to it and leave it for cooling Repeat with the fabric of such muslin, then gradually mix potassium meta by sulfate Finally, cool down in the fridge and drink.

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