Did you ever eat bamboo veggie dish?

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Did you ever eat bamboo dish?

bamboo’s kapale , if not then today we will tell you how to make the vegetable of bamboo kapale vegetable
1/4 kg minced bamboo kopale
100 grams sprouted moong
To make a handful of grated coconut masala
1 teaspoon coriander seeds
Half teaspoon cumin seeds
Half teaspoon mustard seed
2-3 black pepper
2-3 dry red chilies
1/4 teaspoon turmeric
Now, roast all this and grind it with about 5 grams tamarind. There is no need to roast turmeric.
For tempering

(Teaspoon mustard
3-4 Curry leaves
2-3 garlic bud
Half teaspoon sugar
Method: – Cook the sprouted mung and bamboo koplas together by mixing it with taste. Now let the bamboo be crispy but do not cook it too much. When the beans are cooked, mix the gram flour mixed in it, then put sugar in it and then if you want to, add a handful of coconut in it.
Now take oil in a separate vessel and heat it, then add mustard seeds, curry leaves and garlic in it. Roast these koplas until they become golden brown. Then put a cooked vegetable in it. Now, this delicious vegetable is ready to eat. And eat it with bread or puri.

*Bamboo koplas called Bans Kareli in hindi.

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