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Love or Marraiage

Once a young man asked his grandfather, "Why is it that a person loves someone else, but marriage is to someone else?"

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Salted Coffee Love Story

The splendid party is going on. A shy boy standing in the corner at the party is on a girl's eye and her off sholder dress and her small shoulder tattoo which is very beautifully present her off shoulder. The girl who is the most beautiful of all the girls present in that party. He has fallen in love with her. But he does not have the courage to talk to her and talk.

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Tattoo Identification Story

Making tattoos in India and the whole world is now seen as a symbol of independence and rebellion. Many youths display their identity and show their uniqueness. But for me, the decision to not make tattoos was rebellion, claiming freedom from hard work.

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गुरुचरण बाबु के मुहल्ले का चौराहा बड़ा ही मजेदार है । चौराहे से चारो दिशाओ में चार रास्ते जाने का नियम है पर इस चौराहे से चार रास्ते नहीं , सिर्फ तीन ही रास्ते जाते है । एक रास्ता आगे जाके वैनिश । 

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Film || Johar

“Being born poor is not a curse but to remain poor without doing anything about it is certainly a misfortune”. This is the theme of the story of Santali feature film ‘JOHAR’ conceptualised by Pintoo Durrani, produced by Rajiv Tulsyan and Pintoo Durrani - R.P. Pictures & P.D. Entertainment (Mumbai) - and directed by Shams Durrani.

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Two persons with a single identity is what they would like to be known as – just as Jatin Lalit, Kalyanji Anandji etc. of Bollywood. These two duos of Santali cinema with the preferred nomenclature of ‘RaajLakhan’ are working hand-in- hand, shoulder-to-shoulder to make a name for themselves in the field of direction and as actors, editors and cameramen as well. They already have work like ‘Aaming Dular May’ and  ‘Suluk’ as completed films, and ‘Sagai’ and ‘Baisakh Kunami’ as upcoming films over and above about 30 odd video songs in Santali, Bhojpuri, Kortha and Bengali as well, to their credit. 

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'Naayo' (Women)

My diploma film is based on the poem. It’s a beautiful poem that shows the plight of a lonely woman who hides her pain and serves her family. The woman in the poem is symbol of all females. She is the symbol of earth. So strong that she bears everything. This image came to my mind after realizing how hard is the life of my mother. She is woman who bears all hardships in her life without complaining.

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I come from a rural background where our means of livelihood is agriculture. My father is a farmer  and I did my schooling in my village itself in Bengali medium.   

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An Episode from My Love Life/story

Then suddenly somebody’s voice woke me up from my deep chain of thoughts.